About Us

ALFA X is founded in turky Alanya city as new tech and invention company.

New generation of agriculture

New Technology in industrial agriculture In order to conserve water resources and
saving energy in order to produce more food and vegetables by aquaponic (cultivating plants in water and fish coexistence ) method.

Aquaculture (indoor fish raising)

Indoor fish raising by using industrial filtering technology (RAS)in order to persevere water resources and nature in means of developing markets of varicosity type of fishes .
New filtering technology promoting safety and freshness of fishes
And a massive production.

Recycling and Recovery

Conservation of nature sources. Recycling discard materials as garbage and return a large quantities of different metals and plastic and so on to natural cycle in means of economise of using raw materials.
Petroleum industry importe and exportation

Sell and buy industrial equipment and accessories in the means of energy production ( gaz and bio-gaz générateur) oil and petroleum equipment and installation.
Prefabricated Container house

Design and construction of per-fabricated continuer house

Modification of used continuer to the modern style house by per-construction equipment.They are resistible and strength compared to the engineered house . It is notable using this new prefabricated container house is so economic in the time of construction and a materials expense as well as ecology

Solar Energy System

Alfa X is representative and official delegate for solar world- Bosch in Turky. solar system produce and adapting sun energy to the normal popular currency energy. In means of reducing fuel and sources energy.